6 Ways to Use Visuals to Boost Your E-commerce Conversions

Using visuals on your e-commerce website is a great way to showcase your products in action and give visitors the confidence they need to move forward with their purchases. 

When used effectively, visuals can help significantly to boost your conversions and sales. Read on to learn six ways to use visuals to boost your e-commerce conversions and overall experience.

1. Replace Stock Images with High-Quality Images of Your Products

If you browse many e-commerce websites, you’ll notice that most of the product photos they have are stock photos obtained from the internet.

The problem with using stock photos on your e-commerce store is that it doesn’t give buyers an accurate picture of what you sell. Because of this, you need to take down all those stock images you have and replace them with clear and high-quality photos of your products.

You can take the photos yourself using a modern phone with a built-in camera and the proper lighting conditions, but the best results will come from hiring a professional photographer to do the job for you.

And if you’re worried that the quality of your photos will not be as good as those of stock images, don’t be. Consumers prefer real photos of the product they want to buy, not downloaded pictures from the internet. So, be assured that the reception you’ll get will be great.

You can confirm this by running an A/B test involving two nearly identical landing pages. Have the landing page with the original stock photos and a variation of the page with the new photos you’ve taken using your phone or camera.

Present the first landing page to half your audience and the second to the other half simultaneously for a set period, then compare their performances. The landing page with the most engagements will outperform its counterpart and is most likely trustworthy to your buyers, encouraging them to purchase your products more frequently. The greater e-commerce experience will prevail.

2. Use Larger Product Pictures 

Using larger product pictures can also boost your e-commerce conversions and sales significantly. That’s because larger images allow prospects to zoom in and out easily to see the finer details of the products they want to buy. 

This added functionality can help your visitors answer specific inquiries, such as how the products fit into everyday spaces. Having larger product pictures available can help to inspire them to go forward with their purchases, having seen the product in clear detail.

These images can also be of value to you when they’re added as icons in your users’ shopping carts. When users are reminded of the item by both text and visual representations, this can help reduce shopping cart abandonment.

3. Capture Products from Different Angles

Capture Products from Different Angles
Capturing multiple angles of your products can help visitors make purchase decisions.

This is another excellent tip that can boost your e-commerce conversions. Since buyers cannot physically hold and inspect your products, the least you can do for them is to provide them with as many product details as possible.

Capturing your products from different angles allows them to see how your product looks from every angle, which is important for winning their trust.

And when it comes to displaying the multiple product images you’ve taken, it’s advisable to display one image followed by the others in thumbnails.

4. Show Customers Your Products in Action

Your customers appreciate it when you can show them your products in action. For example, if you sell ladies’ handbags, you can either post a picture of a model walking down the street while carrying the handbag or a picture of the handbag resting on a cozy couch somewhere.

This helps buyers to see how your products look and enables them to understand better how they work. It’s a great way to capture their imagination and put them in the buying mood.

5. Use Product Page Videos

Product videos can also help persuade prospects to buy from you when used on the product page. Consumers love watching product videos because it gives them a better understanding of the product they’re interested in compared to product pictures.

You should consider introducing product videos to your product pages to maximize your e-commerce conversions. Here are some creative ideas for creating product videos:

  • Ask happy customers to film themselves either unboxing your product or using it.
  • Create videos that show your products in action. For example, you can film a model modeling one of the dresses you sell and post it on the product page.
  • You can also send your products to industry influencers to use for free and then ask them to create a video of themselves unboxing or reviewing the product.

All these ideas will enable you to create compelling product videos that drive conversions.

Use Product Page Videos
Product videos can help maximize conversion

6. Create 3D Product Images

Lastly, you should consider creating 3D images of your products to give your buyers a good peek into what they’re buying and encourage them to make a decision to purchase from your store.

A 3D image your visitors can control on-page allows them to see the product up close and is the next best alternative to holding the item in hand. This is akin to the real estate industry’s efforts, in which many have implemented 3D tours in many home listings.

Wrapping Up

There are many ways to use visuals to boost your e-commerce conversions. These include capturing products from different angles, using larger product images to enable buyers to zoom in and out on the finer product details, and introducing product videos on product pages.

Most of these tips are fairly easy to implement and require very little effort to add to your online store, so it’s time to start planning and trying them out to boost your conversions. And while you’re at it, consider enhancing your customer’s post-purchase experience.